060 - Holiday Expectation

Welcome to a very personal episode of Thriving Mosaic. Today, I share a part of my journey, specifically about how I navigated the often overwhelming expectations that come with holiday gatherings.

As many of you might relate, the holidays can be incredibly stressful, sometimes even leading to trauma. This is a story about breaking free from these pressures. Both Cliff and I come from split families, which added layers of complexity to our holiday plans. The expectation to attend every family dinner was not just demanding; it felt almost impossible.

In this 22-minute episode, I share a pivotal decision I made as a young woman—a decision to not impose such burdensome expectations on my own children. This choice wasn't easy, but it was necessary for the emotional and mental well-being of our family.

Through my story, I hope to impart a crucial message: your emotional and mental health are paramount, even during the holidays. Sometimes, making choices for your peace of mind means breaking away from long-held traditions or expectations created by others.

Join me as I explore this intimate topic, and perhaps, you'll find the courage to prioritize your own well-being this holiday season, just like I did.


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