058 - Seriously... I'm Waiting For Your Email


In this deeply introspective episode, Stephanie discusses her personal and professional transitions, from making a significant commitment for Megan's wedding to the challenges she faced in her marketing efforts.

As she navigates the nuances of McKenna's move to college and her own 'empty nest' phase, Stephanie reflects on the inner conflict she sometimes feels regarding her unique value in comparison to other female entrepreneurs.

Sharing moments of doubt and breakthroughs alike, she offers insights into the power of authentic content creation and the realization that her distinct voice and experiences might be the guiding light someone out there is eagerly searching for.


If you're seeking clarity, inspiration, or guidance, Stephanie is offering a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with no strings attached. Experience her unique perspective and transformative insights firsthand. Additionally, if you're interested in interviewing Stephanie on her own podcast, reach out directly to her at [email protected] to explore these opportunities.


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